Holistic Alchemy - About Us

My name is Michelle and welcome to Holistic Alchemy Limited. We are a sole-proprietor, woman owned company. We feel  passionately about the natural world and the beauty and potential energies within it. We realize our products and philosophy aren't for everyone, and we only offer an optional approach for you to try if you are open to it. I started this company as a result of a long journey of introspection.

Who am I...
Why am I here...
What am I being called to do?

I found my calling was to share the information I have gathered to all who may find it useful and empowering. As I said before, this isn't for everyone and that's okay. If you find that it resonates with you, then fantastic. The goal of Holistic Alchemy is to provide products and educational videos and writings to explore the world in a new and exciting way.

Our main product line is natural crystals. We offer everything from raw pieces and tumbled stones to larger towers, spheres and other shapes. Our crystals are sourced from around the world including  the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, India and Spain. In addition we offer a range of crystal based jewelry. Even if you do not believe in the ability of crystals to affect the world around you, you cannot deny their beauty and uniqueness in the natural world.

We also offer products like meditation aids (aromatherapy candles, incense, bath bombs, bubble bath) and cleansing/clearing products (sage and Palo Santo).

I am here to help in any way that I can, so browse the site, get inspired and ask any questions that you may have. Holistic Alchemy was created to help you find your way on your new journey!